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Are you a cultural content creator, teacher, or facilitator? Then this platform is for you.

You already know that Rwanda is the 2nd best place to do business in Africa thanks to its extensive business reforms. Rwanda is also aspiring to be a tech and educational hub in Africa. This attracts people of various backgrounds. Some of them long to get accustomed to the Rwandan culture, language, music, dance, poetry, cuisine, arts, etc. and are looking for your contents.

If you have been teaching or operating in one of the sectors mentioned above, then this platform is for you. You can reach and engage your audience by creating courses that teach your area of expertise. You can manage coaching schedules and monetize your contents using our technology.

Advantages of working with us:

  • Your contents are in a safe place
  • You care about your course, we care about the rest
  • No digitization tools? Don’t worry. You can use ours for free
  • You get the opportunity to engage your students with announcements, Q&A, etc.
  • You get the traffic of people who are likely going to buy your contents
  • You can offer your educational resources for free, or for a fee
  • If you are in the licensing business, then you can offer online certificates too

Before you get started, here are few things you must keep in mind however:

Do you have an audience?

You should have a clear picture of people you are targeting. These are the people who are going to read, practice and watch your contents. It makes much more sense if you have interacted with them in past and are sure that you are solving their cultural education needs.

Do you have a curriculum?

Courses are great ways to convey knowledge. Random contents are not prepared for educational purpose, and you should therefore have a clear curriculum, learning objectives, course outcomes, units, and topics.

Do you have time to coach?

One key advantage that our platform offers cultural educational platforms that are coachable. This will come with some exceptions, but we recommend you prepare contents you would be able to coach in case of demand. This would increase your interaction opportunities too.

Do you have tools to digitize your contents?

We would like to increase the library by partnering with cultural content creators. We believe that the educational potential of a course is influenced by its quality at a larger extent. Depending on the type of course you are developing, you will need to maximize the quality of what we shall publish for you. We are always happy to learn how we can help you. We have computers, cameras, and software skills that you may find useful during course development.

There are two partnership programmes:

  • Prepared contents ready to be delivered: if you have contents read to be delivered you will
    • Get free hosting of your contents on our platform if you offer them for free
    • Pay a small commission on each enrolment if you choose to monetize your courses
  • Unprepared contents: if you have contents that are not digitally ready you may
    • Pay us and we digitize them for you. You will gain full ownership afterwards
    • Share course ownership with us we will prepare them for free

If you qualify, please go ahead and send us an email at [email protected]. We look forward to partnering with you!

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