Kinyarwanda Beginner Course

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About Course

The fastest way to learn Kinyarwanda for the first time.


While taking this course you will quickly be familiar with the everyday vocabulary and expressions that native speakers use in conversation. You will learn useful phrases to communicate, talk about places, time, food, drinks, shopping in everyday life.

This course is designed for Kinyarwanda language beginners. The entire course may take up to 30 hours to complete and each lesson is expected to take around one hour plus 6 hours total of practice and tests. The course includes audio materials which will help the learner to practice listening and speaking at the end of every unit. The course also includes cultural and travel tips which will help the student to better understand Rwanda and its people.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the alphabet and the sounds in Kinyarwanda
  • Use simple greetings/farewell expressions
  • Introduce himself/herself and others
  • Ask for directions and navigate to different places with minimum help
  • Use numbers, know the days of the week, and tell the time
  • Talk about food, drinks, and use some shopping expressions
  • Have a general understanding about the language and culture of Rwanda

Topics for this course

24 Lessons18h

Introduction, Pronunciations and Useful Expressions?

In this topic, you will learn the introduction, pronunciations and beginner phrases in Kinyarwanda.
General Introduction
Consonant Combinations
Sound Chart (Male)
Salutations and Greetings
Useful phrases00:30:00
Speaking Practice

Transportation, Places and Directions?

In these lessons you will learn about transportation, places and asking for directions in Rwanda.

Numbers, Days and Time?

You will learn Kinyarwanda Numbers.

Food, Drinks and Shopping?

General food items have names in Kinyarwanda but other foods do not. You will not find all food represented on this list but these are the most common food items and drinks in Rwanda. Most of the foods are given in plural, later you will learn how to use singular and plural forms.

About the instructor

We are a team dedicated to showcasing the beauty of Rwanda through language and culture.
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Material Includes

  • Illustrative videos
  • Interactive texts
  • Pronunciation audios
  • Speaking practices
  • Reading practices
  • Listening practices
  • Mini e-booklet


  • A computer, a tablet or a mobile phone

Target Audience

  • Tourists
  • Expatriates
  • Diaspora
  • Friends of Rwanda
  • Language enthusiasts