Kinyarwanda Intermediate Course

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  • Duration 30h
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  • Last Update February 8, 2023

About Course

The fastest way to learn conversational Kinyarwanda for Intermediate learners.


In this second part of the course “Conversational Kinyarwanda” you will learn more vocabulary and some expressions for general conversation. This course is made up of 6 units with each unit comprised of more than 3 lessons. It will be taught along with basic grammar so that the learner can understand both the language and its structure. It may take up to 30 hours of concentrated learning to complete. These will be split into many sessions and it may take up to six months to master Kinyarwanda at the intermediate level.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn new words pertaining to people, family, and relationships
  • Identify Kinyarwanda possessive pronouns and verbs
  • Learn new words about body parts, health care and safety
  • Identify the secret behind noun classes and examples in each
  • Learn new words for farm animals, pets, and wild animals
  • Make a grammatically correct sentence and verb conjugations
  • Learn new words in the area of household, clothing, and cleaning
  • Get to use various Kinyarwanda prepositions in a sentence
  • Learn new words concerning nature, weather, and farming
  • Learn various types of adjectives and how they relate to noun classes
  • Learn new words relating to games, entertainment, and parties

Topics for this course

54 Lessons30h

Unit 1 | People, Family and Relationships?

In this section, you will learn about people, family and relationships
Class 1
Number Prefixes
Speaking Practice

Unit 2 | Body Parts, Health Care and Safety?

Learning about the parts of the body, health care and safety

Unit 3 | Farm animals, Pets and Wild animals?

Learning different kinds of animals in Kinyarwanda with their respective translations in English

Unit 4 | Household, Clothing and Cleaning?

You will learn about vocabularies in clothing, household and cleaning

Unit 5 | Nature,Weather and Farming?

In this section you will learn more about Nature, Weather and Farming

Unit 6 | Games, Entertainment and Parties?

Learn about vocabulary of games, entertainment and parties.

About the instructor

We are a team dedicated to showcasing the beauty of Rwanda through language and culture.
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Material Includes

  • Text materials
  • Pronunciation audios
  • Reading practices
  • Listening practices
  • Flashcard exercises
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Paperback book copy


  • A computer, tablet or phone
  • Learning/Practice environment
  • Headphones can help in listening

Target Audience

  • Kinyarwanda language learners
  • Tourists and visitors of Rwanda
  • Language enthusiasts and translators