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Explore.rw is a cultural education platform that offers free and premium courses. It provides content creators with the opportunity of exhibiting their courses and engaging their audience in the most advanced way that online learning technology has to offer.

Our focus is on Rwanda. We wish to solve the problem of accessing quality contents, starting with the Rwandan language, Kinyarwanda. Our courses come with various learning facilities that include videos, audios, animations, flashcards, quizzes, vocabulary memory games, listening exercises, etc. In addition to online learning, we offer language coaching.

We are just starting and feedback on areas to improve is more than welcome. We only exist to serve you better.

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Our Story

This platform was designed to respond to the need of innovating course delivery and language material sharing. A lot of work has gone into putting all these together. More modules and activities will be added as time goes. We will continue to work on improving our services and products.

Our Focus

At Explore Rwanda, we focus on showcasing the beauty of Rwanda through learning her roots, language, landscapes, arts, crafts, cuisine, culture etc. We help all those who are new in Rwanda to feel at home.

Our Partners

We partner with Creators, artists, teachers, cultural facilitators, painters, craftmen, and everyone in that category. We would like to expand our library and make it more rich and resourceful. There will always be options of offering & sharing knowledge for free or for a fee. We would love to hear about you and your special projects. Mail us at [email protected] and we will be happy to hear from you.


Becoming a fully integrated online cultural and tourism services provider.


Providing fine cultural, linguistic and artistic resources to tourists, expatriates and the diaspora.


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